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Several of the fine antiquarian, out-of-print, and collectible book stores in Las Vegas have revived the Craft Guild tradition to ensure that there will always be great bookstores in the Valley to meet the needs of our discriminating readers and collectors, both local and visitors. There are a number of both male and female Masters of our craft here in town, several Journeymen booksellers, and a few Apprentices and Associates. The Master Bookmen are committed to the Guild tradition by bringing the Journeymen to the point where not only they, but others, could consider them Masters of their craft. Both Masters and Journeymen are willing to share their knowledge with newcomers to the trade, and we do this in social and business settings. Visit Las Vegas Bookmans Guild online

Abierto Books & Ephemera

LAS VEGAS, Nevada, United States

Abierto Books & Ephemera is a collection of books and associated memorabilia assembled over the past 50 plus years. Areas of specialization include Native Peoples literature, material culture and art, esoterica, and vintage books in the fields of science, natural…

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Amber Unicorn Books

Las Vegas, Nevada, United States

Myrna & Lou Donato founded Amber Unicorn Books in 1981, prior to that Lou started Book Stop III in San Diego in 1970. Myrna specializes in Cook Books with over 16,000 cook book titles in stock. She also wrote an…

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